Recently, a visiting priest in Kerry, Ireland, spoke clearly about sexuality and gender during his homily. Of transgenderism and same-sex sexual activity, he stated, “That is sinful. That is a mortal sin.” He then described the power and possibility of forgiveness. In response, the Irish Mirror called his message “bizarre.” The Bishop of Kerry apologized, saying that Sean Sheehy’s views “do not represent the Christian position.”

Except of course, they do. Unlike those of at least five bishops in the Church of England, who called this month for same-sex marriage ceremonies to be officiated in the Church.  

In response, Calvin Robinson, another “shocking priest”—so shocking the Church of England wouldn’t ordain him—boldly reminded them that “Christ will not fit into your box” of re-interpreting Scripture. 

Culture is most powerful in what it normalizes, and when lies are normalized, the truth becomes shocking. Thank God for Christian ministers willing to “shock” and speak truth. 

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