On Wednesday the House Rules Committee passed H.B. 1605 by Rep. Jeremiah Moore (R – Clarendon) and Sen. Josh Bryant (R – Rogers).

H.B. 1605 is a bad bill that would legalize Delta-8 THC and other drugs made from cannabis.

Just like marijuana, these drugs impair users and pose a danger to children. That is why several states have passed laws making them illegal.

Instead of prohibiting Delta-8, H.B. 1605 legalizes it for people over age 21.

The marijuana industry did not get its way at the polls last November. Now powerful interests want to legalize a form of recreational marijuana at the Arkansas Capitol.

H.B. 1605 creates a way for wealthy companies to manufacture and sell Delta-8 and other dangerous drugs. The bill’s regulatory framework simply won’t protect kids from being exposed to these drugs.

Lawmakers could pass a measure that would actually restrict drugs. H.B. 1605 takes Arkansas the wrong direction by legalizing these drugs instead.

This measure passed in committee, but H.B. 1605 is not currently on the Arkansas House calendar. We are continuing to oppose this bill and monitor the situation surrounding it.

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