A good measure filed at the Arkansas Capitol would help public school students learn about adoption and foster care.

S.B. 384 by Sen. David Wallace (R – Leachville) requires public schools to provide at least one hour of education regarding adoption awareness to students in grades 9-12.

This will help educate high school students about adoption and foster care in Arkansas.

The education provided under S.B. 384 must include:

  • The benefits of adoption to society
  • The types of adoption available
  • The difference between adoption through the foster care system and private adoption
  • The reasons adoption is preferable to abortion
  • Public and private resources and agencies available to assist in the adoption process
  • Statistical data on abortion, adoption, and childbirth
  • Public and private resources available for pregnant mothers and parents enrolled in a public school
  • A description of child and human development.

Promoting adoption and foster care is good for children and families, and it is one way that Arkansans can reduce the demand for abortion.

S.B. 384 is a good bill that will help do that.