On Thursday lawmakers filed a bill to help expand Pro-Life political subdivisions in Arkansas.

S.B. 446 by Sen. Josh Bryant (R – Rogers) and Rep. Kendon Underwood (R – Cave Springs) builds on Arkansas’ law that lets cities and counties pass Pro-Life resolutions.

Act 392 of 2021 by Rep. Kendon Underwood (R – Cave Springs) and Sen. Gary Stubblefield (R – Branch) affirms that cities and counties can designate themselves as Pro-Life. To date, nearly half of all Arkansans live in a Pro-Life City or Pro-Life County.

S.B. 446 expands this 2021 law so that any political subdivision of the state can declare itself to be Pro-Life — not just a city or a county.

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has reversed Roe v. Wade and abortion is generally prohibited in Arkansas, citizens and their elected officials need to establish exactly where they stand when it comes to protecting innocent human life.

S.B. 446 is a good bill that will help communities do exactly that.

You Can Read S.B. 446 Here.