On Monday the group Arkansans  for Limited Government announced it is working to place an abortion amendment on the ballot in Arkansas in 2024.

The proposed amendment’s wording is available here.

This amendment puts the lives of women and unborn children in jeopardy.

If approved, this amendment would permanently enshrine abortion in the Arkansas Constitution.

The amendment’s language would prevent Arkansas law from requiring abortionists to have parental consent before performing an abortion on an underage girl. Parental consent laws for abortion help protect children from trafficking and exploitation. Repealing those laws puts underage girls at risk.

The amendment’s wording also could permit abortion in Arkansas through all nine months of pregnancy — including late term abortion and partial-birth abortion. Most Americans oppose these abortion procedures, but this amendment could give them constitutional protection in Arkansas.

Family Council has worked for nearly 35 years to promote and protect the sanctity and dignity of innocent human life in Arkansas. If passed, this amendment would erase nearly four decades of good laws that protect women and unborn children from abortion. We are firmly committed to stopping abortion in our state.