Recently, The Washington Post released an article with this headline: “Our daughter wanted a mommy, so she picked one of her dads.” In it, the author praised his same-sex partner for taking a “motherly role” as assigned by their three-year-old adopted daughter. He argued that the term should be broadened, as if anyone can be a motherly figure.  

This is another iteration of a fundamentally bad idea of the sexual revolution, that men and women are interchangeable. Still, the story betrays itself. Why did this three-year-old girl sense something was wrong in the first place? She somehow knew she needed a mother.  

In fact, throughout the article, the author expressed concern that his daughter was “bending the reality” of having two dads. And that’s the very point: “two dads” is not a reality, it’s a social construction. Moms and dads? Those are baked into the human condition.  

Dads can’t mom. And moms can’t dad. 

Copyright 2024 by the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. Reprinted from with permission.