U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton of Arkansas’ Fourth Congressional District wants to know why the IRS is auditing adoptive parents. On June 12th Rep. Cotton addressed the House of Representatives on the issue.

“Today, I want to highlight another potential IRS abuse, namely unfair audits of adoptive parents who filed for the Adoption Tax Credit. We’ve all heard about the abuse of conservative, Christian, and other groups. But fewer people know the alarming story of families who use the Adoption Tax Credit to offset some of the high costs of adoption.

“According to the IRS’s own Taxpayer Advocate Service, 90 percent of those who filed for the Adoption Tax Credit last year were flagged for additional review. Nearly 70 percent were audited. But only 1.5 percent of adoption credit claims were disallowed in the end.

“By contrast, only 1 percent of all returns are audited. Adoptive parents are loving, selfless Americans who are simply trying to provide a safe and loving home to kids in need.

“And adoption is a reflection of the boundless compassion of our country and helps save innocent, unborn lives that may otherwise be ended by abortion. We should do all in our power to encourage adoption, not discourage it through bureaucratic run-arounds.

“I urge the Congress to get to the bottom of this unfair treatment of adoptive parents.”

I agree with Rep. Cotton. You can watch his speech above or click here.