An Arkansas billboard with a pro-life message has been making headlines the past week.

The group has placed a billboard along Interstate 30 in North Little Rock. The billboard reads, “When 1% of the church shows up, abortion in AR shuts down.”

At least one pregnant woman has chosen not to abort her child after seeing the billboard and meeting pro-life advocates. KARK 4 News has her story:

“I felt like it wasn’t the right time for a baby, so my first instinct was to get an abortion,” she said.

After meeting folks from, she changed her mind.

“I have been so blessed, the Lord has been on my side this entire pregnancy, and I’m glad that I made the decision that I made,” she said.

Now when she passes the billboard, she said she will have a unique reaction.

“I am part of that 1 percent, and when I pass that billboard, and when I see it, I say, ‘Thank you Jesus,'” she said.