Are You a CIS Male or CIS Female?

The title may be confusing, but you are one or the other–or maybe one of the 56 other “gender identities.”

If you have a Facebook account, and are uncertain of your gender, you can now choose from one of 58 gender identities–another check mark for gay activists, as far as their movement is concerned.

Of course, the issue is much larger than recognizing 58 different types of “gender.” Tying gender to anything other than biology complicates society and carries a number of unintended consequences, as we’ve written about in the past.

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Why Isn’t Decency a Factor in School Bathroom Use?

The following blog post is by Family Council staff member Deborah Beuerman.

A lawmaker in Utah has proposed a bill that would prevent transgender students in public schools from using bathroom facilities of their choice.

The lawmaker says his plan would protect Utah schools from being forced to allow transgendered students to choose between girls’ or boys’ restrooms, locker rooms, and sports teams depending on the gender they identify themselves as having. The proposal would require schools to provide additional bathrooms for transgendered students.

A California law to allow school students to choose restrooms according to the gender they identify with took effect on January 1. There is a proposed referendum to overturn the law.

A Colorado antidiscrimination law has been applied to transgendered students and their use of school restrooms, as well.

The Maine Supreme Court has just declared that a school violated the rights of a fifth-grade transgendered student when they told him that he had to stop using the girls’ bathroom. The school had offered the use of a staff restroom to the student.