“Drag Queen Story Hours” Risk Exposing Children to Sex Offenders

Our friends at Focus on the Family report this week how libraries across the nation risk exposing children to convicted sex offenders and prostitutes with their “Drag Queen Story Hours.”

The Daily Citizen writes,

The growth of “drag queen story hours” at libraries across the country is a frightening phenomenon. The events feature men – dressed and made-up as exaggerated, hyper-sexualized caricatures of women – reading books to small children and their parents.

They also could be dangerous, since some of the drag queens used for library events are convicted criminals. Many also moonlight in strip clubs and other adult related venues. It seems like the nation’s public libraries, in order to maintain the illusion of inclusivity, are not doing enough to protect the minds and hearts of young children.

The article goes on to highlight recent examples of convicted pedophiles and prostitutes meeting and interacting with children at these library events.

Last year the Central Arkansas Library System canceled a Drag Queen Story Time following public outcry from citizens and lawmakers.

A library at the University of Arkansas in Fort Smith, however, decided to go through with a similar event.

As we have said before, these Drag Queen Story Hours are not about getting children to read or play together. They’re about promoting homosexual and transgender ideology to little kids.

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot.

Target Stores Donating to Promote Gay Lifestyle to Kids

LifeSiteNews and American Family Association both report Target stores are donating thousands of dollars to organizations the promote homosexual lifestyles to children.

Target also is offering a long line of LGBT “pride” merchandise on its website.

AFA reports,

Target’s website has several pages dedicated to products that promote the LGBT lifestyle, many of which are specifically designed for children. For example, Target offers shirts that declare, “Love my dads,” and another says, “Love my moms.” Others shirts are emblazoned with the rainbow flag bearing the word “pride” superimposed.

Target is also donating $100,000 to the Gay, Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN), an organization whose primary focus in on indoctrinating school-aged students into organizing “gay” clubs in public schools across the nation.

GLSEN also offers lesson plans for elementary school children on “gender-neutral” pronouns and terminology as part of the Common Core curriculum as well as introducing gender ideology to third-graders.

This gives conservatives one more reason to boycott Target. In 2016 the company made headlines when it announced men would be able to enter women’s restrooms and changing areas at its stores.

Following the announcement, more than 1.5 million people pledged to boycott Target stores, and the company’s stock price plummeted.

You can learn more about the Target boycott here.

You can learn more about Target’s radical LGBT policies and merchandising here.