Eric Metaxas at the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview has released an alarming commentary on the steady increase of euthanasia in Europe.

According to researchers, euthanasia in Holland has risen 151% in seven years. Even more troubling is the rise in the number of dementia patients helped to die by their doctors.

Metaxas writes,

“Of course, all this is happening because people have swallowed the false worldview that we control our lives, and that our lives only have meaning if we’re happy and healthy and protected from suffering.

“But there’s a reason every Christian tradition condemns euthanasia and suicide. God is the author of life. Our lives—and our bodies—are not our own. We’re stewards of them. And every human life taken intentionally undermines the dignity of all human life. In other words, every life discarded is one more step down the slippery slope. We see it in the Netherlands. Let’s pray we don’t see it here.”

You can listen to Metaxas’ full commentary below or click here to read it online.

[audio:|titles=Eric Metaxas – Euthanasia and the Slippery Slope]