attwn_quittersA former employee of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains has released a statement in the wake of the revelations Planned Parenthood affiliates are being compensated for providing aborted fetal remains to medical researchers.

In a column on the website for the group And Then There Were None he writes,

“My name is Jim and I once proudly worked for Planned Parenthood. As the Director of Security for Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, I took the job thinking it was the most perfect opportunity a security professional could find.

“One person I swore to protect was the Vice President and Chief of Medical Services at Planned Parenthood, Savita Ginde. In fact, I was hired mostly because she approved. She questioned me at length during the interview process, and I heard later that she was the main reason I got the job.

“During that interview process, I asked her specifically ‘Why do the protestors claim you cut up baby parts and sell them for research?’ Her answer: ‘Because they’re crazy’. I even spent many a morning telling the protestors how they were lying about the body parts being sold. We didn’t do that. I was confident we didn’t, because that’s what I was told.

“However, recently it has come to light that some affiliates are harvesting body parts and selling them for research. I couldn’t believe it a few weeks ago when the first video came out. There was a top official for the Planned Parenthood national office talking so comfortably while eating a salad about being careful while performing the ‘procedure’ so that she didn’t destroy the valuable parts.

“While watching this video though, I was greatly relieved because as disgusting as it was, at least it wasn’t MY former clinic. At least the doctors I worked hard to protect weren’t doing this. I obviously worked for an ethical affiliate. We would never harvest baby parts and sell them.

“And then there was another video, showing Dr. Ginde, the woman who had interviewed me; the woman who swore to me that our affiliate didn’t do that; the woman who I protected; on video discussing how to maximize profit by ensuring all parts were harvested and sold separately.”

You can read Jim’s full story here.

And Then There Were None is a nonprofit organization founded by pro-life advocate Abby Johnson. Johnson worked for Planned Parenthood in Texas prior to becoming pro-life in 2009. And Then There Were None helps men and women leave the abortion industry. You can learn more about the organization’s work here.