A former Planned Parenthood employee has done a tell-all interview about her experiences working for the nation’s largest abortion provider.

Marianne Anderson, formerly a nurse at Indiana’s largest abortion facility, told The Criterion

“It was a money-grubbing, evil, very sad, sad place to work…I was always getting in trouble for talking too long to the girls, asking if they were sure they wanted to do this.

“You have to have so many [abortions] a month to stay open….In our meetings they’d tell us, ‘If abortions are down, you could get sent home early and not get as many hours.’”

Anderson also said the doctor performing the abortions was rude to patients, and that she often saw women and girls pressured into having abortions.

“This guy brought in a Korean girl. I had no doubt in my mind this girl was a sex slave. This guy would not leave her side. They could barely communicate. He wanted to make all the arrangements.

“During the ultrasound, she told one of the nurses that there were lots of girls in the house, and that the man hits them. She never came back for the abortion. I always wondered what happened to her. One of my co-workers said, ‘You’re better off to just let it go.’”

You can read Marianne Anderson’s full interview here.