This morning the Senate Public Health Committee passed S.B. 357 by Sen. Jason Rapert (R-Conway) and Rep. Robin Lundstrum (R-Elm Springs).

S.B. 357 is a good bill that prohibits people from smoking “medical marijuana” in Arkansas.

Currently, the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act lets marijuana cardholders smoke marijuana. Smoking is not a necessary, safe, or reliable delivery mechanism for medical marijuana.

It is opposed by organizations like the American Lung Association. Other methods of marijuana use would remain legal under this bill—such as vaporizing or the use of marijuana oils.

According to the CDC states spend nearly $500 million dollars per year on tobacco smoking cessation programs. Tobacco smoking costs the United States $300 billion in total economic costs every year. It makes no sense to compound this problem by permitting marijuana smoking.

Research shows secondhand marijuana smoke is unsafe. If secondhand marijuana smoke isn’t healthy, firsthand marijuana smoke can’t be either.

S.B. 357 will help protect Arkansans from marijuana smoke. The bill now goes to the entire Arkansas Senate for a vote.

You can read the bill here.