Family Council is part of a statewide effort to eliminate abortion in the state of Arkansas. We are doing battle on several fronts.

I’m part of the legal action area, and I’ll be reporting to you soon about our efforts on this and other issues in the upcoming legislative session.

Another area is education. There are ongoing efforts to alert the state of Arkansas to the issues relating to abortion and its aftermath. Groups including Arkansas Right to Life are very active in this arena.

A third effort is through direct action. This is the people who sacrifice time to appeal to the young ladies who are about to enter a clinic to take the life of their child.

A foundation under all of this is the spiritual team. An army moves on its stomach, but a spiritual army moves on its knees. Our other efforts will not succeed without prayer.

This is our request to you. If your church is not already involved, would you approach your pastor about taking one day per year to pray against abortion in Arkansas? So far we have fewer than 100 churches who are scheduling a day to call attention to this effort. It can be as simple as just a call to prayer or as complex as a 24-hour prayer chain. That part is up to you and your friends, but to know that another day is covered is a great encouragement to our teams.

If you would like to help, please contact one of our board members, Reg Hamman, and he will coordinate with you. The best way to get involved is to email Reg at; he will respond to you.