Above: Pro-lifers pray against abortion next door to Planned Parenthood’s new facility in Rogers.

Since Sunday, hundreds of pro-lifers have gathered at different times to pray and stand against abortion outside Planned Parenthood’s new facility in Rogers.

On Sunday an estimated 250 pro-lifers marched to the facility after church.

Above: Some 250 pro-lifers marched and prayer against abortion in Rogers on Sunday.

Planned Parenthood’s new facility in Northwest Arkansas opened for business on Tuesday.

Again, pro-lifers were present outside the location in shifts throughout the day, opposing abortion.

Planned Parenthood Great Plains has told news outlets that the Rogers facility isn’t licensed to do abortions yet, but hopes to be by the end of this year.

In the meantime, the facility is offering abortion referrals, family planning, and transgender services.

We know from experience that Planned Parenthood’s sex-education and family planning strategies simply do not work.

In the 1980s and 1990s, public officials in Arkansas promoted Planned Parenthood-style sex education. The programs failed to have a meaningful impact on teen pregnancy and abortion in Arkansas.

Even if family planning or comprehensive sex education were all Planned Parenthood had in mind for its facility in Rogers, there would be cause for concern.

Planned Parenthood operates chemical abortion facilities in Little Rock and in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Rogers facility could refer women to either of those locations for abortions.

Pro-lifers consistently prayed outside Planned Parenthood’s abortion center in Fayetteville for seven years — until the organization’s landlord opted not to renew Planned Parenthood’s lease in 2019.

Now pro-lifers in Northwest Arkansas are working to open a pregnancy resource center next door to the new facility. Pregnancy resource centers give women real options besides abortion — free of charge.

Even though Planned Parenthood has reopened in Northwest Arkansas, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Pro-lifers are engaging the community and ministering to women who may be seeking abortion.

Abortion in Arkansas has been in decline since the 1990s.

In 2020, Arkansas’ abortion numbers remained near historic lows.

Public opinion polling shows most Arkansans believe abortion ought to be completely illegal or legal only under certain circumstances.

This year the Arkansas legislature passed 14 new pro-life laws that will save women and unborn children from abortion.

Slowly but surely, we’re winning the fight to protect innocent human life in Arkansas.

Above: Pro-lifers stand against abortion outside Planned Parenthood in Rogers on Tuesday, September 14.