Pro-lifers currently operate a mobile pregnancy resource unit next door to the facility that Planned Parenthood has acquired in Rogers.

American Family News reports that pro-lifers in Northwest Arkansas are working to move in next door to a facility that Planned Parenthood has acquired in Rogers.

Recently Family Council learned that Planned Parenthood has worked to acquire a facility in Rogers that could be used to perform abortions.

Since then, Planned Parenthood has confirmed that it intends to open a location in Northwest Arkansas, but at this time it is unknown when Planned Parenthood might start using the new facility.

In the meantime, pro-lifers in Northwest Arkansas are mobilizing to oppose Planned Parenthood and its pro-abortion agenda.

Dana Schwiethale, who heads Loving Choices Pregnancy Centers in Northwest Arkansas told American Family News,

I have contacted a home that is beside them [Planned Parenthood], and the lady is praying about … selling me the home. But as of right now, she’s allowing me to park the mobile unit, and it is right beside their parking lot.

Last week two of Family Council’s team members were able to visit the mobile unit that Loving Choices currently operates next door to the facility.

The mobile unit offers women free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds.

This is one way that pro-lifers in Northwest Arkansas are giving women real options besides abortion — just a few yards from Planned Parenthood’s front door.

Pro-lifers are also organizing a 40 Days for Life prayer campaign outside the facility beginning in September.

Hopefully pro-life Arkansans will have a more permanent presence next door to Planned Parenthood’s location in the coming months.