A pro-life law the Arkansas Legislature passed in 2015 has saved an estimated 1,251 unborn children from abortion in the past three years, based on information gathered from state reports.

The Woman’s Right to Know Act of 2015 requires abortionists to give women all the facts about abortion up front — including information about abortion’s risks, consequences, and alternatives.

The law also requires doctors to give women plenty of time to weigh their options before having an abortion.

In the past three years since the law took effect, about 12% of the women given all the facts about abortion chose not to go through with the abortion procedure.

Reports released from the Arkansas Department of Health show some 3,589 women were given the informed-consent information required by state law in 2018, and that 3,069 women ultimately had abortions.

Based on those numbers, we estimate this one pro-life law saved 520 unborn children last year alone, and has saved 1,251 lives since 2015.

Abortion in Arkansas is at a 42-year low, and most Arkansans believe abortion ought to be either completely illegal or legal only in certain circumstances.

All of this goes to show that we are saving children from abortion and building a culture that values innocent human life.