The Arkansas State Medical Board has suspended the medical license of a Little Rock abortionist pending a hearing this October, according to official documents provided to Family Council.

The documents indicate the State Medical Board issued an emergency order suspending Dr. Thomas Tvedten’s medical license and scheduling a hearing before the board following allegations that Dr. Tvedten “exhibited gross negligence and ignorant malpractice” in evaluating, diagnosing, and certifying a minor for a medical marijuana card.

Dr. Tvedten is an owner of Little Rock Family Planning Services, Arkansas’ only surgical abortion facility. The facility utilizes other abortion doctors besides Dr. Tvedten.

The State Medical Board’s order also indicates that the board will hold a hearing on October 1 to determine if Dr. Tvedten violated state law and whether or not he should be penalized.

Read the Arkansas State Medical Board’s Emergency Order of Suspension and Notice of Hearing here.