Pro-lifers gathered outside Planned Parenthood in Rogers on Sunday, September 19.

On Sunday afternoon some 300 pro-life legislators, community leaders, and citizens rallied outside of Planned Parenthood’s new facility at 1222 West Poplar Street in Rogers.

Pro-lifers at the event heard from different leaders in the state and community who oppose abortion.

The Rogers center opened last week, and Planned Parenthood has said that it hopes the 7,900 square foot facility will be licensed to perform abortions by the end of this year.

In the meantime, the nation’s largest abortion provider is offering abortion referrals at the location — but pro-lifers are on the move.

Besides last Sunday’s gathering, on September 12 an estimated 250 pro-lifers met to pray at the facility.

On September 14 many gathered throughout the day to pray and raise awareness about what Planned Parenthood is doing at the facility.

Pro-lifers will begin 40 Days for Life this Wednesday. This event will consist of 40 days of daily prayer outside Planned Parenthood’s facilities in Rogers and Little Rock.

On October 3, pro-lifers will participate in the annual Life Chain event outside Planned Parenthood.

You can see additional photos from Sunday’s gathering on the Family Council Facebook page here.

Above: Pro-lifers stand against abortion outside Planned Parenthood in Rogers on Tuesday, September 14.