Above: LRPD recently stationed a mobile surveillance tower near an abortion facility and a pro-life pregnancy resource center in west Little Rock.

Recently, Family Council learned that the Little Rock Police Department stationed one of its mobile surveillance towers at a location near Little Rock Family Planning Services and Arkansas Pregnancy Resource Center in west Little Rock.

Little Rock Family Planning Services is Arkansas’ only surgical abortion facility.

Arkansas Pregnancy Resource Center, located next door, is a pro-life center that helps women with unplanned pregnancies choose options besides abortion.

The LRPD uses mobile surveillance towers to increase the visibility of police presence and deter crime in the community.

In a statement provided to Family Council, Lt. John Michael Trent of the Little Rock Police Department said,

With national events involving abortion and in particular this topic being propelled to the spotlight regarding the leaked document from the United State Supreme Court it was my opinion this tower was placed in this area with hopes to deter any criminal behavior or problems from anyone. We have used this tower in the past for other events, businesses and places and overall it does seem to be a strong deterrent regarding criminal behavior.

Lt. Trent also said the goal “is to be as proactive as possible,” and indicated that the tower’s location would be reevaluated after 30 days.

In the wake of the leaked U.S. Supreme Court draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade, pro-life organizations have been targeted by vandals and arsonists, and pro-abortion activists have promised a “summer of rage” is Roe is reversed.

Additionally, Little Rock Police have documented multiple incidents outside the surgical abortion facility in recent years.

We deeply appreciate the Little Rock Police Department taking steps to be proactive in protecting Arkansans and keeping our community safe. We hope and pray that our country remains peaceful if and when the U.S. Supreme Court reverses Roe v. Wade.

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