At 9:00 AM on Friday, June 10, police and first responders were called as the result of an altercation outside Little Rock Family Planning Services — Arkansas’ only surgical abortion facility.

According to the incident report from the Little Rock Police Department, a clinic escort — one of the volunteers for the abortion facility — made physical contact with an 83-year-old pro-life woman on the public sidewalk.

In response, the pro-lifer struck the clinic escort with an umbrella.

The clinic escort responded by striking the pro-lifer with an umbrella.

The incident report goes on to say that after that, “both subjects [started] swinging their umbrellas at each other.”

The pro-life volunteer suffered a cut on her hand apparently as a result of the altercation. The police report indicates no arrests were made.

Below is surveillance video footage of the fight. In the video, the abortion escort appears to block the pro-life volunteer’s path on the sidewalk before bumping the pro-lifer as she passed.

The surveillance video later shows police and ambulance services arrive at the facility. Documents obtained via the Freedom of Information Act indicate that the ambulance did not transport anyone from the location.

Unfortunately, the altercation is the latest in a growing number of incidents that have occurred outside the surgical abortion facility.

As we have written before, one of the owners of the abortion facility currently faces criminal charges for allegedly trying to strike pro-lifers with her vehicle while they prayed on the public easement outside the facility.

Little Rock police have documented multiple close calls that pro-lifers have had with vehicles at the location.

This spring, pro-abortion volunteers have used increasingly aggressive methods to prevent pro-lifers from communicating with women about options besides abortion.

And in May, LRPD placed a mobile surveillance tower in view of the abortion facility and the pro-life pregnancy resource center next door.

LRPD personnel told Family Council the department placed the tower there to deter criminal behavior in light of “national events involving abortion and in particular this topic being propelled to the spotlight regarding the leaked document from the United State Supreme Court.”

Every day that Little Rock Family Planning Services performs abortions, pro-lifers gather for peaceful prayer and to talk with women about pro-life alternatives to abortion. Multiple unborn children have been saved from abortion because of their ministry.

Some pro-life groups estimate the “no-show” rate for abortion appointments can go to as high as 75% when people pray in front of an abortion facility.

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