Many critics of transgender ideology today argue that the “T” in the LGBTQ acronym doesn’t fit with the other letters. J.K. Rowling, for example, who often makes the news for opposing transgender ideology, has argued that it isn’t just pitted against women, it’s also pitted against the same-sex attracted

The conflict in the acronym is real. A significant part of the transgender movement is about men taking the place of women and teaching girls that they are born wrong, neither of which sits well with “the L’s.” And many “G’s” believe that many kids who are “born gay” are instead being treated as if they’re trans.  

But the “L,” “G,” and “T” all have one thing in common: fundamentally rejecting the human body. In their view, biological sex and sexual complementarity are accidental—not essential—to who we are.  

In fact, much of our culture is about rejecting the body: abortion, “medical aid in dying,” transhumanism. Part of Christian witness today is that our bodies, though broken, are good gifts from God.  

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