The First Circuit Court of Appeals will soon decide whether a public middle school can ban a student from wearing a T-shirt with the phrase “[t]here are only two genders.” Earlier this month, the Alliance Defending Freedom argued on behalf of Liam Morrison, who was sent home for wearing the shirt, while his Massachusetts school had proactively encouraged students to wear shirts with pro-LGBTQ messages during a school-imposed Pride week.  

A lawyer for the school argued that the phrase on Liam’s shirt was not merely offensive but put classmates who struggle with gender dysphoria at risk of “significant harm.” That’s an oft-made assertion these days, an assertion that poses as an argument but without evidence to back it up.  

Liam has learned a bit early about courage and what’s at stake when you stand for what is true. Pray for him. It’s not easy to be accused of evil, but more Christians will be.

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