Family Council is a strong believer in voter education. As such, we try to provide the people of Arkansas with as much information as possible about issues, elections, candidates, and political parties.

Yesterday we told you about the Democratic Party of Arkansas’ party platform (which you can read here). Today we examine the Republican Party of Arkansas’ platform.

The Arkansas GOP’s platform consists of fifteen planks. They are:

  • Economic Growth and Employment
  • Business and Labor
  • Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Education
  • Election Reform
  • Tax Reform and Fiscal Responsibility
  • Criminal Justice
  • Freedom of Information
  • Human and Civil Rights
  • Family Values
  • Homeland Security and the War on Terror
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Immigration Plank of Arkansas for 2010
  • Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy Policy
  • Healthcare Issues

You can read the entire party platform (eight and half pages) here.

The GOP is expected to ratify an updated party platform later this year, at its convention. Though its principles are not expected to differ substantially from what is provided here, we will try to bring you the updated platform when it is made available.