Ever see a dog chase a car? Ever wonder what he would do if he caught it? I saw that Shaggy Dog movie when I was a kid. Everyone knows in real life dogs don’t drive, but they love to chase cars. That’s what our political friends remind me of. Democrats and Republicans, both look about the same to me these days. One party chases the car down the right side of the road and the other down the left, and the ones running down the middle usually end up as road kill.

Propelled by “change we could believe in,” Barack Obama and company chased the car and caught it last January. Having already captured the House and Senate, things just couldn’t get any better for the Democrats—and they didn’t. The got worse—a lot worse, In fact, looking back, last January’s inauguration day seems to have been the high-water mark for Barack Obama and his party of change.

What a difference a year makes. Blanche Lincoln sides with Obama. Eight Republicans jump into the race against her. Vic Snyder pulls the ripcord and three Republicans and seventeen Democrats eye his seat. John Boozman considers movin’ on up to the Senate race, and Asa Hutchinson begins polishing his old Third-District runnin’ shoes. Marion Berry heads for the exit ramp as a whole pack of D n R (do not resuscitate) replacements eye his seat. Looking to run for something, Bill Halter, Dustin McDaniel, Shane Broadway, Gilbert Baker, Joyce Elliott, Kim Hendren, Bob Johnson, and bunch of other political types are hoppin’ in the truck headed to what is shaping up to be the biggest political coon hunt in a long time.

The hounds are baying and I can see the dust from a car comin’ down the road. They’re all excited about the chase. But I’d like to know what they’re going to do with that car once they catch it.