This week a burial service will be held for 2,411 aborted babies in Indiana.

Last September, authorities found 2,246 aborted babies in the garage of Indiana abortionist Dr. Ulrich “George” Klopfer, following Klopfer’s death.

In October they uncovered another 165 aborted babies in the trunk of an old Mercedes Benz that belonged to Klopfer.

Klopfer lived in Illinois, but operated abortion facilities in neighboring Indiana. He is believed to have performed at least 30,000 abortions over the course of his career.

Investigators have yet to reveal any information concerning why Klopfer kept the bodies of more than 2,400 unborn children, but the Indiana Attorney General’s office has released a preliminary report saying the remains were stored in degrading, plastic “specimen” bags inside molding boxes and old Styrofoam coolers; Klopfer also apparently kept thousands of unsecured medical records.

Grisly stories like this one are why Family Council has fought for tighter restrictions on abortion facilities and the treatment of aborted babies.

It’s part of the reason we have consistently supported legislation to make it easier for the state to inspect — and shut down — abortion facilities, and why we have pushed for laws requiring aborted babies to be respectfully buried or cremated.

Photo Credit: Allen County Right to Life via website.