Early voting is going on right now, and Election Day is just seven days away. Don’t let the elections sneak up on you!

Too many people wait until Election Day before trying to figure out who which candidates they will support. Part of casting an informed vote is knowing ahead of time who is running and where they stand on the issues.

We’ve talked a lot about the Arkansas Voter’s Guide this year. To date we have distributed roughly 160,000 printed copies of the guide–and we still have more printed copies available. To order your free, printed Arkansas Voter’s Guide, click here. You can order for yourself, your church, your Sunday school class, your friends, your family–whoever! But don’t wait too long to order, because Election Day is approaching quickly, and supplies are running out.

If you prefer to read the Arkansas Voter’s Guide online, the links below will take you directly to portions of the online guide.

I hope you will take advantage of the Arkansas Voter’s Guide, and I hope you will do your best to vote wisely in the upcoming election.

Federal and State Races

State Senate and House Races

To find candidates for State Senate and State House, click here, and scroll down. You can also click here to search for specific races or candidates.