The Center for Medical Progress has released an eleventh undercover video–this time showing an abortion doctor from Planned Parenthood describe the process of picking through organs from aborted babies.

Dr. Amna Dermish is the protege of Dr. Deborah Nucatola; you may recall Dr. Nucatola was featured in the Center for Medical Progress’ first video released, in which she discussed abortion and the harvest of organs from aborted babies while casually sipping wine and eating salad.

At one point in this newest video, Dr. Dermish describes how one of Planned Parenthood’s “POC [products of conception] persons” picks through the organs of aborted babies, saying, “She’ll pull out, like, kidneys, and heart, and, like, heart we’ll frequently see at nine weeks [gestation], and she always looks for it. . . . Well, it’s cute.”

You can watch the video below. Warning: The content is graphic.

You can also watch the unedited footage of the conversation below. Warning: The content is graphic.