Planned Parenthood’s Arkansas group has endorsed two candidates ahead of the March 3 primaries, and presumably will support others between now and November.

Nationwide, Planned Parenthood has pledged to spend at least $45 million on elections this year.

The group’s goal is to unseat pro-life officials and elect candidates who support abortion.

Besides endorsing candidates, the organization’s political action committee also has been actively fundraising in Arkansas.

According to the most recent reports filed with the Secretary of State’s office, the group has somewhere around $13,000 – $14,000 that it could spend campaigning in Arkansas this year.

Arkansas is the second most pro-life state in America, and most Arkansans believe abortion should be either completely illegal or legal only in certain circumstances. But that doesn’t mean groups like Planned Parenthood are throwing in the towel.

Pro-lifers need to remain engaged in Arkansas to make sure the state continues standing up for the lives of unborn children.

Photo Credit: Planned Parenthood Sticker by dogra on Flickr.