Monday, April 13, 2020

Little Rock, Ark. — On Monday attorneys for a surgical abortion facility in Little Rock issued a legal challenge over Arkansas’ directive against elective surgical abortions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Family Council President Jerry Cox issued a statement saying, “It is completely irresponsible to let elective surgical abortions continue during the coronavirus outbreak. Surgical abortions waste precious medical resources. We have ample evidence that women from neighboring states, including COVID-19 hotspots, are coming to Arkansas for abortions. Traveling like that increases the risk that people in Arkansas and elsewhere will be exposed to the coronavirus. If we want to slow the spread of coronavirus, we need to put a stop to surgical abortions for the time being.”

Cox said it is reasonable to hold abortionists to the same standards as other healthcare professionals. “Abortionists routinely say that abortion is just another healthcare procedure. If that’s true, then they ought to be willing to abide by the same standards as other clinics. Doctors all over Arkansas have been forced to postpone elective surgeries until this pandemic passes. Abortionists should have to follow the same rules.”

Cox applauded Governor Hutchinson, Attorney General Rutledge, Secretary of Health Dr. Smith, and Arkansas Surgeon General Dr. Bledsoe for their leadership during the COVID-19 outbreak. “Arkansas has excellent leaders. They have done a fine job slowing the spread of the coronavirus. Ordering abortionists to stop performing elective surgical abortions was the right call, and I’m confident the courts will agree.”

Cox said he believes the state will win this lawsuit. “Attorney General Leslie Rutledge’s team will do a fine job defending the state against this lawsuit. The Fifth Circuit has let Texas restrict abortion procedures to protect public health during this pandemic. I am confident that Arkansas will ultimately win this case.”