On Wednesday the Arkansas Department of Health released its 2020 reports regarding abortion.

The reports show that overall 3,154 abortions occurred in Arkansas last year. While that’s up slightly from 2018 and 2019, that’s still near historic lows.

Here’s a brief rundown of what else the Health Department’s data revealed.

The Woman’s Right to Know Act of 2015 Saved 500 – 600 Unborn Children Last Year

In 2015 Arkansas passed arguably the best informed-consent law for abortion in America.

It helps ensure that women asking about abortion get all the facts first — including information about abortion’s risks, consequences, and alternatives.

Each year the State of Arkansas reports the number of women who receive the informed-consent information required by state law as well as the number of women who actually have abortions.

By comparing these numbers, Family Council estimates that the 2015 Woman’s Right to Know Act saved approximately 500 – 600 unborn children in 2020. That’s simply incredible.

Teen Abortion Is At An All-Time Low

In 1994 one out four abortions performed in Arkansas was on a teenager. Last year that number was less than one in ten.

All told, 304 abortions were performed on teenage girls last year.

Teenagers used to be among those most at-risk for having an abortion. Today they are among those who are least likely to have an abortion.

Arkansas’ Abortion Rate Has Been Cut Almost in Half Since 2001

Since 2001 the abortion rate among women in Arkansas has fallen by approximately 45%.

Since 1990, the state’s total abortion rate has been cut by well over 50%.

Single Moms are Most At Risk for Abortion in Arkansas

In 2020 approximately 56% – 67% of women who had abortions were single moms.

As many as two-thirds of all the women who had abortions in Arkansas last year were unmarried and already had children.

Most Abortions Were Performed on African-American Women in 2020

Most of the women — 54% — who had abortions in Arkansas last year were African-American. That’s a very troubling statistic.

Chemical Abortion Was More Common Than Surgical Abortion in 2020

For the first time in Arkansas history, chemical abortion — like RU-486 — was more prevalent than surgical abortion.

Approximately 55% of abortions performed in Arkansas last year were drug-induced. Forty-five percent were surgical abortion procedures.

These numbers indicate that chemical abortion continues to rise in Arkansas even though abortion has been in decline in the state, overall, for many years.

Forty Women Reported Complications from RU-486 in 2020

In a separate report, the state noted that 40 women experienced complications from the RU-486 abortion drug regimen.

It is not clear what specific complications these women experienced.

The report underscores that abortion-inducing drugs like RU-486 are not safe.

The Number of Abortions Performed on Women From Out of State is On The Rise

In 2018, approximately one out of ten abortions performed in Arkansas was on a woman from out of state.

In 2019 that number rose to 11%.

In 2020 approximately 12% of women who had abortions in Arkansas were from out of state.

Overall, 390 women came to Arkansas for abortions last year.

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns, it was widely reported that women from out-of-state traveled to Arkansas for abortions before the State of Arkansas shut down the surgical abortion facility in Little Rock.

It is possible the COVID-19 lockdowns that temporarily closed abortion facilities in states like Texas prompted more women to travel to Arkansas for abortions.


Abortions rose slightly in 2020 compared to 2019 and 2018. Overall, however, abortion has been in decline in Arkansas for many years. Today, Arkansas’ abortion numbers sit near historic lows. Far too many children are aborted in Arkansas every year. However, Arkansas’ pro-life laws are saving lives, and Arkansans are continuing to win the fight against abortion.