Since so-called Medical Aid in Dying was legalized in Canada, those with severe medical conditions have been increasingly in danger. Care is becoming harder to find, while the option to die is quick, cheap, and always available.

One woman recently told her story on Twitter, 

I am the face of [assisted-death] in Canada. As a 42-year-old woman with a rare complication of lupus [and] iatrogenic injuries, I will only cost the “system”.  I want to live but can’t get the care I need [and] have been approved for MAiD.

This is what opponents of MAiD warned of all along. The so-called “right” to die with dignity quickly becomes a “duty” to die, as vulnerable people are crushed beneath economic, social, and medical pressures.  

In fact, according to demographer Lyman Stone, “Canada euthanized more people last month than the sum total of every Canadian wartime casualty since 1946.” Increasingly, those most at risk are losing the ability to choose. 

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