The Right to Choose?


The following blog post is by Family Council staff member Christa Adams.

Abortion proponents tout that a woman should have the “right to choose” what happens in her body and should have access to safe abortions.  However, time and time again cases come to light where a woman may have had access to an abortion, but it was unsafe or she was coerced into abortion by lack of knowledge, by various other parties, or in some cases the abortionists themselves.  Itai Gravely is just one of these women.


Obama Admin. Quits Fight Over Emergency Contraception

The Department of Justice has given up on its appeal to keep emergency contraception out of the hands of children.

A federal judge out of New York previously ruled emergency contraception should be made available to girls of all ages (including children) without parental consent or notification. The DOJ challenged the ruling, appealing it, but decided yesterday to drop that appeal. That means the current ruling stands.


Congressional Committee Prepares to Vote on Fetal Pain Bill

From LifeNews:

The full House Judiciary Committee will vote on Wednesday on a Congressional bill that would ban abortions nationwide at 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Last week, the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice voted on a party-line vote 6-4 for the bill, with Republicans supporting the ban on late-term abortions and Democrats opposing it.

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